Reviewing Quotations & Contracts

What should be included:

-a high level of detail as to what is to be completed
-clear language that you understand
-clear pricing on specified work
-may include a drawing/design outlining the work to be done
-specification of materials to be used (manufacturers, colours, styles)
– if any work to be done by a sub-contractor( Paving, Electrical etc.) and if the cost is included
-payment schedule/terms: typically 25% deposit, 25% upon start of work and 50% upon completion – any additions or subtractions to work that effect cost are agreed upon by the homeowner.

Value vs Price

When comparing quotes it is helpful to understand the relationship between value and price. Your project will cost money, what you will have to determine is whether the “Price” is reflective of the “Value”. Most landscape installations will look similar when the landscape contractor leaves the site. The differences in the price of estimates between competing contractors may not be apparent immediately but can make the difference in the longevity and overall quality of work.

Please consider theses components to the job when making your consideration for the best value of your investment:
-What is the average depth of the excavation for the project?
-Is there soil amendment if clay is found in the excavation?
-Does the Contractor install a geo-textile fabric?
-Is the correct aggregate being used in the base?
-What is the quality of compaction of the base material?
-Is additional drainage or waterproofing of a foundation required?
-Are adhesives or geo-grid fabric used for retaining walls?
-Is edge restraint and polymeric jointing sand used for the interlock?
-Are the pavers the correct thickness for the application?
-Will grass and gardens be reinstated surrounding the project area?
All of these items have a cost that effect the price but will increase the longevity and overall value of your project by maintaining it’s integrity for many years. When reviewing your quotations, please take time to ask if these steps are taken to ensure fair comparisons.