Our Policies

Health & Safety

The management of Signature Stone is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees.  Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company depends on the safety of our workforce.

To achieve this goal, we have developed and implemented a health and safety program which is monitored and updated yearly to ensure its effectiveness.

We work at making the safest possible work site, by requiring ongoing health and safety training to all employees and providing them with appropriate safety gear while on site.

We carry liability insurance for both the active job site and our well maintained equipment.  All employees are covered by WSIB accident insurance.

We also endeavour towards a workplace that demonstrates respect, worth and dignity for all people.  Harassment and discrimination is not tolerated.

Neatness & Care

On our job sites we do our best to limit our footprint on your property and the surrounding properties.  Our intention is for your home and those of your neighbours to have limited disruption.

This is achieved by appropriate job staging and the arrangement of “On time” deliveries for materials to be utilized in a short period of time.

Where possible, we utilize protective barriers to prevent damage to lawns from the high traffic of excavation.

At the end of each day we clean and sweep driveways, walks and the street.  All tools are placed in secure areas or removed from the job site.

We respect yours and your neighbours family time by not being on site during weekends or stat holidays.